aeag-ae-yin-yangClick on the image to get your instant access to our 12 page Whitepaper on Auto Enrolment outlining:

The duality in the market in terms of scope and scale and the problems with offering the smaller firms acccessible and affordable support.

Regardless of the size, all companies have the same responsibilities and obligations large, or small.  With an estimated UK employers yet to register 1,198,361, the statistics revealed in the whitepaper describe the challenges we face over the next few years:

The paper addresses 2 key questions:

1) Do smaller firms need or want help with automatic enrolment?

2) What level of service can they afford (or are prepared to pay for)?

  • Reveals the results from a recent survey of accountants on how their clients feel about the support needed for helping them comply with Auto Enrolment regulations.
  • These findings tell an interesting story and uncover what it is these smaller firms want to help them with Auto Enrolment.
  • Highlights the market place for professionals in this shifting market place.
  • Exposes 4 main gaps in Auto Enrolment Support and how it can be filled.
  • The key to delivering these services to Smaller SME and micro employers at an affordable.