How it helps

Pension guidanceWith AE in a box, finding a pension to use with your employers need not be a chore. We’ll provide an overview of the features and benefits of the three main auto enrolment pension providers in this market (Standard Life/Peoples Pension and NEST) as well as providing access to a more in depth pension analysis tool if you, your professional connections, or your employers feel they need it when selecting their scheme.
Project ManagementThere are 33 tasks involved in getting ready for auto-enrolment and the Centre for Economics and Business Research estimates that they take up to 103 man days to complete, of which only about a third relates to the pension itself. The rest is taken up with developing and implementing internal processes and communicating with employees. Compliance is much more complex than many employers appreciate, and the work does not stop at the staging date. Auto enrolment requires planning. Putting a plan in place needs the knowledge, expertise and
resources which comes from understanding what needs to be done in a bunch of different scenarios with different companies and different times. AE in a Box will manage all of that and keep you updated.
Ability to view from professional, accountant or employer level Your Dashboard displays a snapshot of all your data, with the option to drill down for more detail.
Providing updates and task for clients in real-time, walking them through the AE regulatory hoop one step at a time, leaving you more time to act as their professional adviser. Our unique Alerts feature proactively prompts you when clients accounts need your attention.
Certification calculator AutoEnrolment is going to have an expense on your business, use our Certification Calculator to calculate the monthly cost to your business and to find out which certification level is best for your business
Auto Enrolment tasks timeline / diary We’ll make sure you’re alerted to each task and how to complete it in a timely manner delivered to your inbox and managed in your dashboard.
‘Ask the regulator’ Employer supportWe have direct access to the Regulator and will happily take any relevant query to them, so you know
the steps you take will be compliant.
Regularly updated auto enrolment support material (FAQ’s)Even walking you through your auto enrolment process step by step, there will be times when you have a question. No problem, we’ll have your question covered in our support section, and if you can’t find the answer there – then you can email us and we’ll get back to you with 24 hours during working days
Video content to answer employees question and provide a line between employer / employee Most employers are keen to avoid getting caught up in providing advice to their employees.
for fear of advising (or miss-advising) them or being accused of trying to persuade their employees to opt out. One of the greatest areas of need is not the needs of the employer, but of the employee. These videos address that.
Updates to the system (timeline and news) to ensure that employers remain up to date at all timesIt’s inevitable, the regulator is going to amend and change the existing regulations. We’ve got you covered, you’ll be kept up to date with the latest changes, and your dashboard will be updated accordingly.
Payroll Service Optional ExtraWe set up your PAYE scheme. File everything on line for you.

You will receive: PAYE liability letter: Payroll summary: Payslips: BACS file to make your payment if required; Via email if and when required: Submit your payroll every time you pay your staff send your P60s at the end of the year.
And Management Service.