Payroll Bureau Service



  • Set up your PAYE Scheme:

    • Limited
    • Sole Trader
    • CIS (Construction Industry Scheme)
    • Limited Liability Partnership
    • Partnership
    • Direct payment


  • File EVERYTHING ONLINE for you.

    • i.e. starters, leavers, pensions, we are of course RTI compliant.
    • We will build you a spread sheet to make life easier for you.
    • Once we receive your payroll figures we will process within 24 hours.
    • Over 50 employees 48 hours is needed so all checks are done in a timely manner.


  • You will receive the following from us each week/month/quarter or year

    • PAYE liability letter
    • Payroll summary
    • Payslips
    • BACS file to make your payment if required
    • Via email if and when required
    • Submit your payroll every time you pay your staff send your P60s at the end of the year


  • Management Service

    • Holiday records
    • Sickness records
    • Commission calculations
    • Compliance
    • CCJ’s
    • Childcare Vouchers
    • Statutory Sickness Payments (SSP)
    • National Minimum Wage (NMW)
    • Statutory Sickness Payments (SSP)
    • Statutory Maternity Payments (SMP/SAP/SPP)
    • Attachment of Earnings Order


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