The People’s Pension are glad to be associated with AE in a Box as we see it being a great tool to help employers come to terms with their automatic enrolment duties, and to be able to carry out these duties in an efficient and timely manner. AE in a box will be of great value to them whether they are working by themselves or in conjunction with their payroll service provider. At The People’s Pension we continually review our product to ensure it is low cost and easy to use, and AE in a Box fits these interests. - William Finch, The People’s Pension

AE in a box  is enabling our clients to embrace Auto Enrolment in an simple , efficient and cost effective process.  It delivers all the requirements needed to stage and enrol responding to enquiries quickly and professionally.  We highly recommend them. – David Cummings, TWP

Auto Enrolment is a massive opportunity for all financial advisers to be able to better serve their existing clients and even more importantly for those advisers looking to grow their business, to go out into the community with professional connections and directors.

But for most advisers there is a barrier to entry into effectively servicing clients that prevent them from taking full advantage of this incredible market.  For me this is where AE in a Box fits perfectly.

We are using AE in a Box to go out to the market place and develop our client base and professional connections, but without having to find the time to deliver the solution, as AE in a Box empowers the employers to go through their AE tasks themselves. I believe advisers who wish to grow their business and don’t take advantage of this market are really missing out. – Roy McLoughlin, Master Adviser

AE in a Box is a great low cost project management tool that enables employers to handle the headache of not simply ensuring that they are AE ready, but remain so, providing a wealth of easy to understand information.- Dominic Thomas, Solomons IFA

We have been using AE in a box for some months now and have found that it is a great value, simple solution to the question of Auto Enrolment for a number of our clients.  It is a particularly good solution for the smaller employer who does not have the resources for a full review and advice, which traditional company pension schemes require.

The simple but comprehensive “To Do” list with all of the associated links, videos and guidance notes ensures that even the most inexperienced employer is able to follow the task process without too much trouble.

AE in a Box is a good solution for any employer who can’t afford the thousands of pounds it would cost to do a full review, but who takes their Auto Enrolment responsibilities seriously and wants a solution that is well supported and clear in its delivery. – Andrew Crawley,  Master Adviser